ChatCube enables businesses to build their own personalized ChatGPT. This platform allows you to train an AI chatbot using your website’s data, as well as any uploaded documents or PDFs.

ChatCube 2

What is chatcube?

ChatCube is a platform for creating AI chatbots that can be trained to respond to queries based on various types of content, such as website documentation, research papers, and legal documents. In just 60 seconds, users can develop a customized chatbot without the need for coding skills by inputting the URL of the desired document or website.

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By simply clicking a button, you can seamlessly integrate the chatbot onto your website to address your visitors’ inquiries. Additionally, ChatCube provides a user-friendly visual editor that allows you to customize your chatbot’s features, design, and conversation flow without the need for coding.

Chatcube Features

One of the key features of ChatCube is its ability to support multiple languages and non-English characters, making it accessible to a global audience. Additionally, ChatCube offers several advantages over traditional chatbots, including a user-friendly interface for customization, quick integration, fine-tuning capabilities for specific data sources, data encryption for security, customizable appearance and voice options, and cutting-edge AI technology.

  • Train a chatbot
  •  Support multiple languages
  •  Customizable appearance and voice
  •  Data encryption and security
  •  Latest ai technology

 ChatCube use case

  1. Design a conversational AI system to address customer inquiries regarding a product manual.
  2. Educate a chatbot to offer assistance and guidance on a research paper or article.
  3. Construct an interactive chatbot capable of aiding users with their legal document queries.

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