helps your team to record, transcribe, search, and analyze meetings and conversations. With AI-powered search, you can review a 1 hour meeting in 5 minutes and find key metrics.

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What is assists your team in transcribing, summarizing, searching, and analyzing voice conversations. The tool also provides conversation intelligence by tracking speaker talk time and sentiment. Fireflies integrates with various apps like Slack, Notion, and Asana, and creates a self-updating knowledge base of all your meetings. The tool is useful for sales, engineering, recruiting, marketing, education, media, and podcasting.

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  • Easily add Notetaker to your meetings scheduled on your calendar.
  • captures both video and audio, providing transcripts within minutes.
  • Compatible with various apps such as Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Ringcentral, Aircall, and more.

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