Knowbo is a specialized chatbot designed for websites and documentation, enabling users to effortlessly retrieve information and seek answers to their queries. By inputting a website’s URL or sitemap, the chatbot undergoes training and continuously updates its knowledge base to remain current with any modifications.

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What is Knowbo?

Introducing ChatGPT Chatbot Creator, an AI-driven solution tailored for customer support—a priceless asset for your website. Within minutes, this exceptional tool crafts a ChatGPT-like chatbot effortlessly, requiring only your website’s URL or sitemap as input.

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Additionally, it can be tailored to align with the website’s brand and seamlessly integrated within minutes. All pricing plans include a complimentary trial period, while Expert and Ultimate plans offer priority support.

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Key Features

  • Gain insights from your website: The ChatGPT Chatbot Creator obtains information directly from your website or documentation by utilizing the provided URL or sitemap.
  • Intelligent repository of knowledge: The chatbot adeptly utilizes your website’s content to provide precise responses to user inquiries.
  • Simple installation: Take advantage of a fast and user-friendly chatbot setup procedure that can be completed in just two minutes.
  • Tailoring possibilities: Customize your chatbot’s colors, images, texts, logo, and chat icon to seamlessly match your website’s branding.

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