SaneBox serves as an email management solution that employs artificial intelligence to recognize your crucial messages and filter out distractions, ensuring that your inbox remains well-organized and enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters. It provides various functionalities including a Do Not Disturb feature, the capability to block bothersome senders, and reminders to ensure timely responses to significant emails.

SaneBox 2

What is SaneBox?

SaneBox performs its wizardry by analyzing different email header details, such as the sender and message-id. Subsequently, SaneBox requests your email server to relocate specific emails to the @SaneLater folder, those that may not require your immediate attention.

By relocating misplaced emails to the appropriate folder using any webmail or email client, SaneBox allows you to train its AI to comprehend your priorities. Moreover, SaneBox offers a 14-day free trial without the need for a credit card.

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SaneBox benefits

  1. It assists in the organization of your inbox by automatically categorizing significant emails and excluding less significant ones.
  2. By utilizing artificial intelligence, it acquires knowledge on which emails to prioritize for you as time progresses.
  3. It provides a summary of your inbox activity and emphasizes important emails to ensure you don’t overlook anything.
  4. Its purpose is to alleviate email overload and enhance productivity.

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