Devin, an AI coding assistant, operates as a fully autonomous software engineer with the capacity to handle intricate coding tasks that involve numerous decisions.

Devin 2

What is Devin?

Devin is a self-sufficient model capable of planning, analyzing, and executing intricate code and software engineering tasks through a single command. Equipped with its own command line, code editor, and a dedicated web browser, Devin demonstrated its abilities by successfully testing Meta’s Llama 2 on various API providers.

It possesses remarkable features such as the ability to learn new technologies on the go, create and deploy complete applications from scratch, automatically identify and rectify bugs, train its own AI models, and contribute to production codebases. All of this is accompanied by real-time progress updates and collaboration with users. Devin’s performance on the SWE-bench coding benchmark is cutting-edge, resolving 13.86% of issues end-to-end, compared to the mere 1.96% achieved by previous models.

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Initially, Devin meticulously outlined a detailed “Plan” to address the task at hand. Subsequently, it proceeded to develop the entire project using the same tools utilized by human software engineers. Leveraging its integrated browser, Devin accessed the API documentation to understand and implement connections to each API. Ultimately, it constructed and launched a fully styled website.

How does Devin work?

At present, Devin is only available through early access, and to gain access to this tool, you must sign up for the waitlist. To join the waitlist, simply visit the Cognition Labs website. Here are some key highlights from the Devin showcase:

  • Devin can utilize a browser to read API documentation and learn from it.
  • It can troubleshoot errors by incorporating print statements and analyzing logs.
  • It possesses the capability to construct and deploy visually appealing websites.
  • Devin’s impressive capabilities are made possible by advancements in reasoning and long-term planning.

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