Ducky AI is a scalable academic laboratory and open-source community that focuses on diverse Machine Learning projects. Our team comprises researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and beyond, motivated by our enthusiasm for exploring extensive language models and multimodal systems.

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What is Ducky AI?

The Ducky ai team has created Design Ducky, a design assistant that provides users with a cutting-edge and skilled experience in the field of system design and diagramming. By utilizing the capabilities of both GPT3 and GPT4 models, it offers a wide range of features that simplify intricate projects and improve productivity.

Key Features

  1. Leverage the advanced GPT4 model for enhanced system design and diagramming tasks.
  2. Virtual AI assistant: Design Ducky offers assistance in diagram creation and updates, streamlining the process.
  3. Comprehensive support for Frontend, Backend, and Database: Design Ducky covers all aspects of a project, including frontend, backend, and database elements.
  4. Instantaneous updates: The interactive chat feature promotes dynamic communication and guarantees real-time diagram updates.

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