Soundry AI is a music production tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to produce an endless array of distinctive samples and sounds for your music compositions.

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What is Soundry AI?

Soundry AI is a all-encompassing AI system that converts text into sound, specifically designed for musicians and sound designers. By utilizing our AI, music producers can construct songs using meticulously crafted samples, while sound designers can seamlessly integrate generated sound effects into various media such as film, TV, and video games. With personalized generations and training data carefully selected by renowned artists, Soundry AI becomes an invaluable companion in the process of music creation.

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You have the option to generate samples from preset packs or craft your own using the innovative “Forge” tool. This feature enables you to easily specify the type of sample you want to create, such as a “lofi drum kick.” Soundry is accessible as both a web and desktop application, as well as a VST3 plugin, enabling seamless integration with your preferred digital audio workstation.

Why use Soundry.AI?

  1. Better than sample libraries
  2. Faster than sound design
  3. Unlimited variations
  4. Super easy to use
  5. Glossary for inspiration
  6. Completely unique results

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