Auphonic, an audio post production service, leverages AI and signal processing to enhance the quality of recorded audio effortlessly. It caters to a wide range of applications such as podcasts, broadcasters, movies, audiobooks, and more, without the need for intricate parameter configurations or audio expertise.

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The Auphonic Recorder is a top-notch audio recording tool designed for simplicity, audio excellence, and reliability. Capture your microphone input directly without any iOS alterations, saving it in either uncompressed (PCM audio) or compressed (AAC) format, ensuring data is saved continuously to prevent loss in case the app crashes. Paired with the built-in Auphonic web service, you can effortlessly enhance, encode, label, and share your podcasts, interviews, and music recordings while on the move with just a tap of a button.

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Auphonic encompasses various mixing capabilities, including an AI-based audio-levelling system, loudness normalization, audio restoration, and more. Moreover, Auphonic offers free usage for up to 2 hours of audio per month.

Auphonic Best Features

  1. Make better audio
  2. Intelligent Leveler
  3. Filtering & AutoEQ
  4. Noise & Reverb Reduction
  5. Cut Filler Words and Silence
  6. Multitrack Algorithms
  7. Loudness Specifications
  8. Automated Workflows & API Integrations

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