Jingle Generator is an AI-powered tool that instantly creates jingles for a fee of $5 per jingle. Users have the option to select from various types of jingles, including party DJ drops, radio DJ drops, station jingles, and podcast intros.

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What is Jingle Generator?

The Call Me Fred AI Jingle Generator is an intuitive web-based application that empowers users to produce personalized jingles for radio, podcasts, and various media endeavors. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool generates a wide range of distinctive and individualized jingles that cater to your specific requirements.

To get a glimpse of the final output, the tool offers a demo for each jingle type. Users are required to input specific details such as the DJ name, city, radio or podcast name, and podcast frequency in order to generate the jingle. Operated by Call Me Fred and developed in 2023, the tool’s FAQ section provides additional information about its features and the payment process. In summary, the AI Jingle Generator is a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating jingles in different formats suitable for various media platforms.

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