Kits AI serves as an AI voice platform specifically crafted for musicians aiming to elevate their music production. It provides a variety of pre-trained AI voices, including licensed artist voices and royalty-free options, allowing users to alter voices effortlessly.

Kits AI
Kits AI 2

What is Kits AI?

Kits.AI serves as an AI voice generation platform, enabling musicians to produce, train, and utilize AI voices for their music production endeavors. This platform offers a range of tools to modify your voice by utilizing official artist AI models or generating personalized voices. The primary objective of Kits.AI is to explore the limits of music creativity through the utilization of AI voice technology.

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Moreover, users have the option to train, develop, and distribute their personalized AI voices. The process of training a custom AI voice is simple – users only need to upload voice audio clips or acapellas into the designated section and click on “Train”.

Kit AI Best Features

  • Generate vocals, melodies, and harmonies with AI artist voices or custom models
  • One-click training to create your own AI voice from vocals
  • Tools to edit and refine generated samples
  • Commercial licensing for artist voices and generic voices
  • Voice model sharing and collaboration
  • Web-based and mobile app with easy-to-use interface
  • Integrations with top DAWs and music production software
  • API access for developers

How Does Kits.AI Work?

Kits.AI provides a range of functionalities:

  1. Authorized Artist Voice Models – Kits.AI collaborates with artists to develop authorized AI versions of their voices, which users can utilize.
  2. AI Voice Model Collection – Kits.AI possesses an expanding collection of AI voices that are free from royalties and can be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Complimentary AI Voice Training – Users have the opportunity to train personalized AI voice models on Kits.AI without any cost by uploading their own vocal samples.

The platform employs cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques to train these voices. Subsequently, users can utilize the voices to generate vocal samples, melodies, and more via the Kits.AI app and tools.

Is Kit AI free?

As of now, Kits AI is available for free during its beta phase.

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