Naming Magic, developed by Swift Ventures + OpenAI, is an incredible resource that simplifies the task of naming a company and discovering the perfect domain. Utilizing the advanced natural language technology of GPT-3, this tool is specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs in generating creative ideas for their company names.

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What is Naming Magic?

Naming Magic ai is an innovative AI-powered tool created to support entrepreneurs and businesses in their search for the ideal company name. With its exceptional capabilities, Naming Magic can generate a handpicked selection of potential names that are not just creative but also leave a lasting impression.

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Using the tool is quite simple – users only have to enter a product description and a couple of keywords, and the AI will provide some potential ideas. Naming Magic was created by the founders of TubeMogul, who regret not having this tool when they were naming their own company. They have now moved on to support AI and data-focused companies and are interested in learning about fresh concepts.

Naming Magic Features

  1. User Friendly Interface
  2. Simplified Navigation
  3. Intuitive User Experience
  4. Suggests domain names
  5. Based on GPT-3
  6. Tailored for entrepreneurs

What is the pricing of Naming Magic?

In this Naming Magic ai, we present three pricing plans for your consideration. Each plan is designed to cater to different needs and budgets.

The Personal Plan is perfect for individuals and small businesses. Priced at $29 per month, it allows you to generate up to 100 names monthly.

For larger businesses, we offer the Professional Plan. This plan is available at $99 per month and enables you to generate up to 500 names each month.

If your business has intricate naming requirements, the Enterprise Plan is tailored for you. This plan can be availed for $299 per month and offers unlimited monthly name generation.

Remember, regardless of the plan you choose, you can enjoy a 10% discount if you opt for annual payment.

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