ShortVideoGen provides users with 5 complimentary credits when they register, allowing them to create videos by entering a text prompt and selecting “Generate Video”. This platform enables customization of video parameters such as duration, frames per second, and audio.

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What is ShortVideoGen?

ShortVideoGen is a tool in which generate short videos with audio utilizing cutting-edge video and audio generation AI models. Discover and freely download numerous short videos produced with ShortVideoGen.

ShortVideoGen best Features

  • Intuitive Interface: Streamlined and efficient features for effortless video production.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Harnesses the latest AI technology for top-notch video and audio results.
  • Personalized Text Input: Customize video content by inputting specific text prompts.
  • Defined Frames per Second (fps): Empowers users to set the frames per second for exact video adjustments.
  • Maximum Frames Control: Set the maximum frames to control the duration of the video content.
  • Audio Integration Choice: Decide on including sound in the video for a comprehensive multimedia presentation.

ShortVideoGen Pricing

Subscribing to a paid plan, which begins at $8.99 per month, is required for generating more than 5 videos.


ShortVideoGen offers a dependable and effective solution for individuals seeking to effortlessly produce short videos with accompanying audio. By utilizing cutting-edge AI models, this software enables users to concentrate on generating content while achieving remarkable video results.

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