TypeflowAI is a flexible form creation tool powered by AI that incorporates GPT technology to convert regular queries into smart, context-aware prompts. This empowers businesses to develop advanced AI tools for different objectives.

TypeflowAI 2

What is TypeflowAI?

Typeflow simplifies the process of creating sleek text animations in After Effects. It offers smooth easing and overshoot controls, auto-animation options, and customization features for a modern and polished look. Get back to designing your epic titles or product shots with ease!

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By integrating these forms into their operations, users can enhance productivity, scale more effectively, and generate dynamic content like AI quizzes, calculators, and lead magnets. The attractiveness of TypeflowAI lies in its capacity to generate personalized, adaptable responses that improve user interaction and automate tasks. This makes it an appealing choice for businesses seeking to harness the power of AI in their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies.

TypeflowAI Feature?

1. Enhance your animations with seamless and polished easing, featuring adjustable soft overshoot controls.

2. Automatically animate your text based on the in-point, out-point, or markers of the text layer.

3. Bring your text to life by animating it in a specific order or adding randomization to the timing.

4. Create stunning secondary animations by revealing your text based on lines, words, characters, or a combination of two.

5. Enjoy full customization options, including position, scale, rotation, opacity, and other text animator properties.

6. Easily enable or disable the intro or outro animations according to your preference.

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